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Coburg House Studios, 15 Coburg Street
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 6ET
United Kingdom



Donna Barry Jewellery

Beautiful contemporary jewellery collections. Designed and handmade by award winning jeweller, Donna Barry in Edinburgh. Statement pieces, wedding rings, bridal accessories and wedding ring workshops.

Beautiful and unique contemporary jewellery collections, designed and handmade in Edinburgh by Donna Barry.

Inspired by her love of flowers, plants, foliage and repetitive patterns found in nature, award winning jeweller, Donna Barry, creates elegant pieces of jewellery which speak romance and beauty. Light and easy to wear, each and every piece is designed and handmade by Donna herself at her studio in Edinburgh.

A beautiful collection of silver pearlescent finished jewellery, inspired by Donna’s love of all things natural.

An exquisite collection of jewellery designed and handmade in Sterling silver and finished with rich rose gold.

An alluring collection of handmade sterling silver jewellery finished with super black ruthenium.


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